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The Xth International Rail Business Forum – Strategic Partnership 1520

Дата новости: 05\06\2015

The Xth International Rail Business Forum is taking place in Sochi, entitled Strategic Partnership 1520*. A delegation from the RTC Group of Companies attended, headed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rusagrotrans CJSC, Mr K Zasov.

The main event of the rail industry year was the adoption of systematic solutions for all aspects of the operation of the rail complex — including the optimisation of transport processes, modernisation of the rail infrastructure, attracting investment, and the manufacture of modern rolling stock. Mr Konstantin Zasov presented an article to the forum, in which he laid out the principles by which the rail industry ought to orient itself towards the needs of clients. The delegation from RTC took part in a discussion for coordinated approaches towards the development of the railway industry within the '1520 area', in the interests of bolstering its leading position in the global market of goods shipments.

*The term «1520» refers to the gauge (ie the distance between the two rails) used on all ex-USSR legacy rail networks, and is a warm-hearted catch-all term in the Russian rail industry for referring to the rail network of the CIS countries. (translator’s note).

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