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The Branch Network

List of branches of the Rusagrotrans corporation — our six branches and standalone divisions in Russia.

Our branches are located in key regions for the grain-producing industry, where the highest level of activity in grain transportation shipments goes on — and consequently, the highest need for our grain-freighting rolling stock occurs.

The Rusagrotrans branches play a significant role in raising the efficiency and effectiveness of our company’s interaction with clients, and provide a range of equally-high services in all regions.

The development of our company’s network is an essential part of the company’s development, and our longterm successful relationships with our clients and partners throughout all of Russia’s federal regions.

The Standalone Divison in Voronezh
The Rusagrotrans Branch in Saratov
The Standalone Divison in Novosibirsk
The Rusagrotrans Branch in St Petersburg
The Rusagrotrans Branch in Rostov-on-Don
The Rusagrotrans Branch in Chelyabinsk