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Careers with the Company

The Rusagrotrans corporation supports a range of principles in its work, aimed not only at the maintenance of professional standards among its workforce, but also at providing pleasant working conditions, the development of the individual potential of staff members, and rewarding staff well based on the results of what they do.

Principles for staff recruitment
  • supporting the legislation laid down by the Russian Federation
  • attracting the best candidates with high levels of professionalism and potential
  • using best practice in the recruitment sector
Principles of staff induction
  • a progressive approach (continuous improvement of methods and ways of induction)
  • integration (interaction of all the elements of induction)
  • effectiveness of induction systems
Principles of Training and Development
  • a continuing process of training and development for staffers
  • operation of the training programs in a corporate format
  • providing assessment for the results of the training.
Systems of salary, benefits and reward
  • salary (permanent salary)
  • bonuses (variable)
  • social package

Company’s Vacancies

No open vacancies available
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