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Rusagrotrans CJSC takes over the management of rolling stock to broaden its range of services

Дата новости: 27\04\2015

On 27th April 2015 Rusagrotrans and Brunswick Rail signed an Agreement transferring the management of 760 rail wagons to Rusagrotrans.

The Rusagrotrans corporation — a division of the RTC Group of Companies — and Brunswick Rail signed an Agreement on 23rd April under which 610 freight wagons and 150 universal covered wagons will be managed by Rusagrotrans.

The rental period is for three years. The financial details of the deal were not available. The deal took place under the strategy plans of Rusagrotrans CJSC for optimisation and upgrade of their grain-freighting wagon fleet to orientate it towards a wider range of specified cargoes, and developing longterm partnerships with client companies to serve their rail-freighting needs.

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