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Rusagrotrans – a player in the XIIIth International Grain Round

Дата новости: 15\06\2015

A delegation from Rusagrotrans CJSC, led by the company’s CEO Mr Mikhail Onofriychuk, will be taking part in the proceedings of the XIIIth International Grain Round of the Russian Grain Union, to take place over 6th to 9th June 2015 in the city of Gelendzhik.

The company’s representatives played an active role in discussion legislative issues and government regulation of the grain markets in Russia, the pace of price changed and the conditions in the grain market, the use of new technology in production, processing and storage of grain, and the development of the transport and financial infrastructure. Particular attention was given to an article published by Rusagrotrans CJSC entitled «Grain freighting and export infrastructure in anticipation of the new 2015/2016 season».

Furthermore Rusagrotrans was one of the initiators for creating a structure for the stockmarket trading of grain, signing a joint memorandum along with the Russian Grain Union, UGC and NTB for establishing grain trading.

The Round included contributions from 584 representatives from 19 countries, including Russia, USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Egypt, UAE, Indonesia, Singapore, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries.

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